Zeta G200X Grinding helmet


Zeta G200x grinding helmet with integrated LED work lights offers full face and eye protection for grinding and inspection. A wide visor and lightweight design improve work ergonomics and visibility. The integrated LED work lights give an extra boost for the entire workday.

241.82 GBP / pcs

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  • Large 200 mm high grinding visor with 180° horizontal view 
  • Lightweight and well-balanced design improve the work ergonomics
  • The integrated LED work lights with manual or automatic on/off function. A fully charged LED work light on manual ON mode last a full working day
  • Smooth inner surface enables improved hygiene
  • Certified by EN 166 with medium energy impact B

Technical specification

Weight 485 g
Operating temperature range -5...+55 °C
Storage temperature range -20...+50 °C
EN 166 Yes
Visor size 200 mm in height, 180° horizontal view
Charging connector type for LED work lights USB-C
Battery lifetime for LED work lights 8 hours


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SWEATBAND 2/27/2024

9.50 GBP / pck2

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