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The Pantera Air System is a device that guarantees excellent respiratory and face protection for greater safety and comfort during welding. Portable and comfortable, ideal in all working conditions. It can be combined with a central suction system for full protection indoors, and it is the ideal solution in outdoor environments thanks to its power supply with long-lasting batteries for up to 8 hours.

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  • For MMA – TIG – MIG/MAG welding processes, with grinding mode
  • Pantera Mask is equipped with digital controls with a large visual area (100x60 mm) and a darkening time of less than 0,1 ms.
  • Safety is guaranteed by 4 optical sensors.
  • Auto-darkening welding filter is provided with the True Color system, which ensures a clean and clear vision, it allows the operator to distinguish easily the objects in the work area with lower eye strain.
  • The system will shut down the entire circuit and switch to "Sleep Mode" if not used for more than 30 minutes.
  • The Pantera Air System draws in the ambient air and filters it with prefilters and filters, delivering a stream of clean air to the breathing zone, providing a clean area for the respiratory tract and therefore good oxygenation.
  • The Pantera Air system is equipped with a special filter that guarantees very high efficiency and filtration efficiency of 99.8% = 0.3 μm even for the finest particles.
  • 3-speed airflow for optimal usage in all working conditions.
  • An adjustable headband allows the perfect fit and makes the helmet easy to wear.
  • Practical, comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap and padded belt.

Technical specification

Operating temperature range -5...+55 °C
Storage temperature range -10...+55 °C
Optical class 1/1/1/1
View size 100 x 60 mm
Filter dimension 114 x 133 mm
Sensors 4
Controls Internal / Digital
Shade range 9-13
Sensitivity Yes
UV/IR protection DIN 15
ADF light state 4
ADF switching time < 0,08 ms
Delay 0,1 - 0,9 s, 0,1 ÷ 0,9 s
Helmet power supply Solar Cell + Battery
Helmet batteries Replaceable, CR2450 Li
Low battery indicator Yes
Filter type TH3 P R SL
Filter efficiency level 99,8% 0,3 µm
Airflow level 1st speed: 170 l/min, 2nd speed: 200 l/min, 3rd speed: 230 l/min
Noise level Max 75 dB
Belt size 900 x 1300 mm
Blowing unit size 240 x 165 x 70 mm, 1,1 kg
Blowing unit battery model Rechargeable Li-ION 4400 mAh
Blowing unit battery life 1st speed: > 8 h, 2nd speed: > 6 h, 3rd speed: > 4 h
Blowing unit battery charge time 3,5 h
Number of blowing unit battery recharges 500
Information on the digital display Air flow rate and data, battery level and filter status