Kit Beta e90P SH


Beta e90P SH kit with Beta e397 hard hat, Beta e90P SH welding mask and Kask earmuffs. A complete set is an easy solution for welding work and provides an ability to remove it quickly in order to continue with other work tasks while wearing the hard hat.

349.85 GBP / pcs

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  • Suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA, plasma, cutting, and grinding
  • Compatible with Kask, Petzl and Zekler hard hats with passive earmuffs
  • Quick connection and disconnection to the hard hat earmuff holder
  • Beta e90P SH with passive welding filter features shade choice in DIN 8.9,10,11,12 and 13 
  • EN175 B impact protection rated
  • Clicking the visor into three positions enables multiple use from welding to grinding and inspection
  • Magnifying lens frame
  • Reliable full-face protection 
  • Improved ergonomy with the lightweight design

Technical specification

Weight 1240 g
EN 175 B
View size 100 x 78 mm
Filter dimension 110 x 90 mm
Shade range 11
LiFE+ Color (yes/no) No
Grinding fuction (yes/no) No
Standards EN 397
Hearing protection class 3


  • Total: 3
WELDING GLASS DIN 11 90X110 10/3/2023

3.30 GBP / pcs

PROTECTION PLATE (90 X 110 X 1.0) 10/3/2023

32.04 GBP / pck10

SAFETY PLATE (90 X 110 X 1.5) 10/3/2023

36.43 GBP / pck10

  • Total: 3